Glass Lifters

Glass Handling and Glass Lifting Equipment. Glass Vacuum Lifters.

We offer you the devices for transport and installation of glass manufactured by Quattrolifts. They allow you to carry, transport, and fit safely and easily glass plates in production areas and warehouses, in difficult places, and also on a construction site. Quattrolifts devices minimise the risk to operators and other personnel during the manual glass transport. They protect the workers from accidents, spine injury, and sprains.

Well-constructed safety systems prevent damage to the glass during transport and fitting of heavy glass plates. If you use our devices at work, you can minimise the number of people necessary to perform the tasks.

Please, choose the model of the device to learn about its technical parameters, see its photos and a presentation film.

Express 150

Express 200

Nomad 400

Mule 300

Mule 500

Horizon Manual 350

Horizon Auto Drive 350

Vector 400

Vector 800

Glass Boy 350

Glass Boy Forklift 400

Manual Vacuum Cups

Glass Harness 50

Autopump System