Mule 300

The Mule 300 device is used for unloading, rotating, and transporting large glass plates. It has a lifting capacity of 300 kg and can be operated by a single person. Its construction allows you to transport and rotate glass plates 4400 mm long. Adjustable, rotating arms with vacuum cups mounted on them allow you to safely rotate a glass plate even by 360°.

The glass carrier Mule 300 is a perfect solution for companies that do not have an overhead crane or other cranes. When it is impossible to use a crane on a construction site, you can easily use the Mule.
Using this device guarantees:

  • increasing work efficiency
  • decreasing the number of workers handling transport
  • eliminating a lot of problems connected to workers’ safety
  • a possibility of transporting large glass plates without using an overhead crane or any other crane
  • decreasing the risk of damage to edges while rotating
  • safe loading, unloading, and transport even on a rough terrain