Nomad 400

The glass transport device Nomad 400assists glaziers to unload, transport, and install glass.
It was designed to transport panes weighing up to 400 kg and 4500 mm long. It is a unique device for lifting glass plates to the height of 4.5 m, and it can be operated by a single person or two people. The Nomad is easy to use, disassemble and reassemble on a construction site or in a storage or production area.

Glass panes can be unloaded directly from a glass rack mounted on a delivery van, transported and fitted in the openings to be glazed – by using a protractible arm QuattroLifts Guides.
The lifting capacity of the glass carrier Nomad is 400 kg – with the maximum pane dimensions of 4500 mm  x 3600 mm.

The Nomad 400 device can be easily disassembled and transported in small
delivery vans or even in larger personal
van-type cars.

Using this device guarantees:

  • increasing work efficiency
  • decreasing the number
    of workers handling transport
  • eliminating a lot of problems
    connected to workers’ safety
  • decreasing the risk of damage
    to the glass during transport
    and installation
  • safe loading, unloading and
    transport even on a rough